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Our expertly crafted custom cabinets are inspired by nature and made with love in BC. No matter what space you need cabinets for—kitchen, bathroom, vanity, living room, closet—we have a cabinet solution for every room of your home . Our goal is to help you create a beautiful and functional space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

custom kitchen cabinets

Our Process

Free consultation

Tell us your vision, and we will guide you to choose the perfect cabinet solution for your project.

Onsite visit and measure

At Forma Cabinets, we know how important it is to ensure precise and accurate measurements the first time. Also, our knowledgeable team will consider other factors like plumbing, electrical, and other features that need to be accounted for when manufacturing your cabinets.

cabinet design

Cabinet design, drawing, renderings

We provide renderings to help you visualize your project and drawings so that your contractor can plan and execute your project accurately.

High-quality cabinet manufacturing

We use the latest technology, building process, sustainable supplies, and high-quality hardware. We opt to use available Canadian supplies and to build quality cabinets that last.

Life in colours

Our curated collection of finishes, colours and textures—bringing the colours of nature indoors.

There are many more finishes, textures and colours available for full package custom cabinets. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

custom cabinet installation

Excellence on cabinet & hardware installation

Your custom cabinets will only look as good as they should if they are installed properly. Our team of experienced installers have mastered the installation process and technology required to complete the work, allowing us to easily resolve any issues that may occur during the install, respecting your home, leaving a clean and organized job site.

  • Delivery
  • Cabinetry installation
  • Installation of finishes and accessories
  • Site cleanup
  • Follow ups to ensure everything is working well
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